Indonesia Company Incorporation: Requirements

Indonesia is a country with a good economy and an annually growing GDP. Thus, it has been favourable for investors and entrepreneurs alike to incorporate in Indonesia. There are different types of companies in Indonesia and in this article, we look into the requirements for incorporation in Indonesia:

Foreign Liability Company

Foreign liability Company requires a minimum investment plan of IDR 10 billion for commercial activities. There should be at least 1 director, 1 commissioner, and 2 shareholders as stakeholders. All of them can be from foreign countries. But, you require a local citizen as a commissioner or director.

It is compulsory for businesses applying for Investment Capital Registration to fulfill investment plans to acquire business licenses and conduct business activities. While, for the business applying for a one-year license, it is permitted to operate during the registration of the investment plan.

You also need different documents that are the copy of passport with at least 18 months from the expiry date, legal document of company and passport of director, lease agreement, and company address for foreign liability Indonesia Company Incorporation. we are providing the best pkv games 99 services.

Local Company

The capital for small enterprises is IDR 51 – 500 million, for medium; it is IDR 500-10 billion and for large enterprises, it is above IDR 10 billion.

For setting up a company in Indonesia, all the stakeholders should be local, provided with a minimum of 2 shareholders, 1 commissioner, and 1 director. For a foreigner’s agreement of a nominee, stakeholders are required. If you lack the local stakeholders, we at 3E Accounting Indonesia offer reliable and trustworthy local nominee facilities as director, shareholder, and commissioner.

The documents required are the same as foreign liability companies including valid KTP, NPWP, and personal ID.

Representative Office

You don’t require any authorized capital to set up this corporation. Stakeholders include 1 chief, s/he can be a local citizen or foreigner. However, a local chief should be local for a construction representative office.

The documents required are an appointment letter from the director of the parent company, a statement letter, a letter of intent and reference, and other documents as mentioned in the foreign liability company.

Therefore, these are the requirements to be fulfilled for setting up a company in Indonesia.

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