Natural VS Synthetic Diamonds

Diamonds are mankind’s one of the most amazing discoveries. Scientifically speaking, diamond is a special formation of Carbon. If someone says graphite and diamond are the same, they are almost right. That’s because both actually are Carbon. But still, because of the rarity of diamonds in nature, they are extremely valuable. And maybe it is the value of those that make people to get attracted towards them even more. But with the brilliance of the human brain, scientists have already enabled themselves to grow diamonds inside the laboratory. Because they are lab-grown often people think that they are fake, and it is very obvious for them to think like that. If you search for man made diamonds Adelaide, you will find that their local price is at least 20% to 25% lesser than the price of natural diamonds in the same area. This article will help you to understand the differences and similarities between natural and synthetic diamonds.

Natural diamonds occur inside the earth’s crust through a million years of transformation. Naturally, because of extreme heat and pressure diamonds are formed. So, if you are using a natural diamond today, remember, this diamond took millions of years to get this form. Natural diamonds are then simply mined from those places and this simple mining is not as simple as it sounds. It takes months and years to get the diamonds out of the mines. Often people die in diamond mines as those are not safe places for humans. Besides, there are lots of stories about locals being killed by outsiders to harvest diamonds from the mines in various villages in Africa.

On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are real diamonds. Scientists create an environment same as the earth’s womb for the diamonds to form. And with different scientific instruments that process is fast-forwarded. So instead of a couple of million years, it only takes a couple of weeks for lab-made diamonds to form. These diamonds are optically, chemically, and structurally the same as natural ones. You will never find any differences between these two with bare eyes. To tell which one is a lab-made diamond and which one is a natural you will have to take a lab test for them. As they are grown inside a controlled environment, they don’t have imperfections as naturally occurring diamonds. Moreover, culturing synthetic diamonds is much less harmful to nature than mining natural ones.

In recent days, man made and Lab grown diamonds news are getting a lot of attention from diamond lovers and the diamond sellers in Adelaide. In a lot of places, people are stopping the use of the word “synthetic” to describe manmade diamonds. So basically, man-made diamonds are as real as naturally occurring diamonds. But if you compare them with the natural ones, you will find that they are much eco-friendly than the natural ones and also budget-friendly too. Soon people might stop mining for natural gemstones because of the ecological toll they take.

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