Dura max diesel engine and studs; spare parts

Dura max company launched in 1998 by the fusion of two Duramax started production of its diesel engines in the year 2000 they have launched more than 1.5 million diesel engines. They are flourishing with each passing day. They are dealing with engine spare parts Duramax head studs, Ib7 head studs, lly head studs, lbz head studs, imm head studs. LML head studs, l5p head studs track tech, tracktech fasteners diesel parts, and Duramax Parts. They now introducing new innovative ideas to flourish automobiles spare parts and engines because it is the demand of time and technology. They produce high tensile strength products which are laboratory proven and tested A huge 397 hp and 765 lb-ft of torque bring by the current version of Duramax in the market our engines are durable and reliable. You can trust us with the whole heart due to our previous record. We manufactured a broad range of automobile spare parts. We manufacture bolts studs and fasteners too.

Tracktech head studs

We manufactured these studs with high tensile strength. They are laboratory-tested through a state-of-the-art UTM machine validating 240k PSI tensile strength. You can have them in just 999.9 dollar bills. Our compliances possess high-quality features as describe below.


  • 240,000 PSI Tensile Strength
  • UTM Machine Tested and Validated
  • Lab, Bench, Street, and Strip Tested
  • Head gasket Set Hs54579
  • Includes all gaskets and seals including Head Gaskets (1 set, 18mm OR 20mm)
  • This kit includes all the parts for both either an 18mm OR 20mm Dowel equipped engine

ARP Duramax rocker shaft bolts5pk (2001-2016)

You can have this incredible item for just $23. You can place your order right now add to cart this amazing rocker shaft.


Only 1 item remains in stock. These are highly in demand. Public trust in this product. They are very limited in stock just get them in $78


This item is also in limited stock all our items are having high tensile strengths. They are now available for just $59.


It can easily fix heavy objects in the proper place our line bolts are very durable and environment friendly. Add them to the cart they are just for $4.10.

Track tech match

Track tech main stud kits are necessary for today’s automobiles. They are manufactured with great tensile strength and tested in the laboratory with advanced apparatus including the lab using a state-of-the-art UTM machine validating 240k PSI tensile strength.

Head gas kit

Complete top end cylinder head gaskit/stud service kit for 03-10 6.0l power stroke available $999.95.  don’t miss your chance to get these beautiful featured products.

Track tech machine rocker

Track tech machine rocker arm pedestal for 89-98 5.9 L  Cummins  12 volt is now available for just  $239.5

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