Ear pain after tooth extraction

The wisdom tooth is often removed because it pushes the neighboring tooth. Wisdom teeth often grow at a crooked angle or grow only partially, or may not cut through.

Removal of the wisdom tooth is carried out, as with other teeth – with local anesthesia. After removing the wisdom tooth, the wound is sewn up, and the stitches are removed after 5 to 7 days. If there are no complications, then in a week you will forget that you removed the tooth.

Shooting pain inside the ear after tooth extraction occurs due to damage to the gums, periosteum or nerve. Very concerned about the pain in the ear after removing the wisdom tooth-the eighth molar. This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of wisdom teeth, as well as the fact that they are difficult to reach. Both tissue damage and nerve endings are greater than when other teeth are removed.

But, there’s nothing wrong with that. After tooth extraction, the body’s reaction to the intervention develops, damaged tissues and nerve endings need some time to recover. If the pain is severe, visit your dentist. He will recommend rinses to relieve inflammation, and painkillers to reduce pain.

If the pain in the ear appeared a few days after a tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth, and mouth felt a strange taste, it is possible that began complication – the so-called “dry socket”. In other words, the socket left after the tooth extraction was infected.

Why is this happening:

  • rinsed the mouth in the first day after the intervention. After tooth extraction, a blood clot remains in the hole, which can neither be rinsed out nor removed: it protects the nerve endings and bone and is necessary for the formation of bone tissue after tooth extraction. For this reason, dentists are banned in the first day after surgery, a hot meal and rinse your mouth. When a blood clot resolves too quickly — it creates a feeling that the ear also hurts;
  • development of alveolitis.

How to treat

Dentist will apply tampons with a special ointment on dry socket. They should be changed daily until the symptoms go away.

With alveolitis, the doctor will clean the socket from suppuration and treat it with an antiseptic.

Ideally, if there is pain in the ear after tooth extraction, you should also see an ENT doctor to exclude violations in the work of the ENT organs.

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